Shampoo Bars -

Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are greener, cheaper, and travel-friendly-- what more could you ask for?!

A hair cleanser in a bar soap form, while trendy, has a lot of convincing qualities. They are made from natural ingredients, last longer than their bottled counterparts and are easier on the environment.

Here are some great benefits of using Shampoo Soap Bars...

  1. 8 million tons of plastic get thrown into our beautiful oceans annually. Which is the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic being dumped into the ocean ecosystem every minute. EVERY MINUTE! Shampoo bars help cut the plastic being used for the bottles in your shower. Our Shampoo Bars even come in recycled paper craft boxes! If doing your part for our oceans isn't enough, most traditional bottles shampoos/conditioners are made of palm oil, an ingredient linked to deforestation and habitat degradation. Instead use cruelty free and chemical free shampoo bars, made with essential oils and natural ingredients.
  2. On average, 3 bottles = one bar. So save your money! Most shampoos and conditioners are made up mostly of water, about 85%-90% of your bottle. In addition, many traditional bottled shampoos are filled with preservatives and chemicals that can strip hair of its natural oils and leave your scalp feeling dry. Our Shampoo Bars are made with raw nourishing ingredients such as; olive oil, shea butter and plant based essential oils. Get what you pay for!
  3. When you're on-the-go, skip the annoying baggage pull-over search at the airport, with TSA friendly shampoo bars. Bonus: open your luggage with confidence that nothing has leaked all over your clothes. Not carrying liquids when travelling will change your luggage experience, trust me!

Every little bit helps-- so lather up and spread the word! Looking to make the switch from bottle to bar?! Check out our all natural and sustainable Shampoo & Body Bars Collection!

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