Beeswax Wraps

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Looking for an eco-friendly swap for plastic wrap?! Our all natural reusable Beeswax Wraps are made from 100% organic cotton, organic beeswax, jojoba oil & organic pine resin. They come in 3 different sizes and are perfect for keeping your food fresh longer! You can use these wraps to cover containers or wrap half used food. Only want to eat half of that avocado? Wrap it in beeswax and it will stay fresh longer! Just Wrap, Wash & Reuse!



  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Plastic free & chemical free
  • Biodegradable
  • Locally Sourced Beeswax

INGREDIENTS 100% organic cotton, locally sourced organic beeswax, jojoba oil & organic pine resin

DIMENSIONS Small - 8" x 8", Medium - 10" x 10", Large - 14" x 14"